Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Why Employer Branding Works?

    • Key Terms and Definitions

    • Quiz 1 - Terms and definitions

    • Food for thought - Can Marketers Ruin Employer Branding?

    • Who is responsible for employer branding? The HR and Communications dilemma

    • Person-Organisation Fit

    • Quiz 2 - Strong foundations

  • 2


    • Why is EVP important for organisations and why you should trust me on this?

    • What is "of value" to employees in your company?

    • EVP is the process of balancing investments

    • You want strong EVP? Try this approach

    • Talent Competitiveness and Employer Branding

    • Employee Experience Management

    • Holistic Employee Experience - Going from Organisational to Individual

    • Segmentation, personas, journey mapping

    • Assignment - Employee Journey

    • Quiz 3 - What about the EVP?

  • 3


    • How to Start Managing Your Employer Brand

    • Companies need balanced and authentic proposition for employees - EVP

    • Employer Branding Strategy Framework

    • Strategy - EVP - Activation - Content

    • Measure, Analyse, Collect more data, Optimize

    • Employer Branding Transmission to the Workforce / Internal and External Communication

    • How to Create Awesome Career Site

    • Example: Employer Branding Strategy and KPI's

    • Employer Branding in a Crisis

  • 4


    • Understanding Employer Attractiveness of IT Companies

    • Person-Organisational Fit: A Revised Structural Configuration

    • How to Measure Employer Brands - The Development of a comprehensive Measurement Scale

    • Strengthening Your Employee Value Proposition

    • Your much appreciated feedback

After finishing this course, you will have the following competencies to:

Our goal is to empower you to be an employer branding expert, to confidently lead employer branding projects, strategy developement and understand the tools which will drive successful execution and improve your company's employer brand.

  • Understand and teach others about key definitions, their purpose and application in the field of employer branding

  • Apply latest scientific research and most important concepts about employer branding environment

  • Develop an EVP - and more importantly how to discover what is "of value" to your employees

  • Understand employee/candidate behaviors and how employer branding plays a role in attracting/retaining the right people

  • Engage management and colleagues to collaborate in your organisation to achieve the success of your employer branding strategy

  • Activate employer branding strategy and develop programs to improve hiring and retention

Course trainer and author

Employer branding consultant

Vladimir Benic

Founder of Best Employer Brand Awards, trainer, consultant and writer with +50 articles about employer branding. Author and host of Talent Republic podcast, entrepreneur, bow-tie aficionado. Enjoys long talks about... employer branding. Vladimir has been working on hiring optimization for companies for the last 7 years. Held more than 100 workshops and lectures on hiring skills, how to prepare for an job interview and has organized CareerCentar academies for graduate schools. Loves being helpful and sharing his insights so feel free to connect on Linkedin or send an e-mail.

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